International taxation

When you sometimes work overseas

Our clients are a mobile bunch and their creativity certainly doesn’t stop at the Australian border. Many of them are constantly on the move, travelling from location to location for TV series filming or photography assignments. The more successful they get, the more they travel. We work with many creatives who work internationally on short-term projects, send invoices to foreign clients or spend long periods of time working overseas.

While it’s amazing that these opportunities are available, things can get tricky when it comes to the financials. The laws around taxation of foreign income for Australian residents are very particular and correctly reporting this information in your tax return can be complex.

We can assist with all your international dealings

In smaller cases, this may involve simply figuring out foreign exchange rates, maintaining travel diaries and knowing where to place this information in your tax return. More complex tasks include:

  • Changing tax residency;
  • Dealing with foreign tax treaties;
  • Structuring your business for overseas expansion;
  • Transfer pricing.

Whether your international issue is large or small, our accountants can demystify the situation for you.

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