Corporate Secretarial

Set-up and wind-down of companies and trusts

We create companies & trusts for creatives

If you have a creative business and things are going well, you should consider becoming a company. You could also look into setting up a trust structure for your business. Both are measures that could potentially see you paying less tax.

Perhaps you’re nodding your head in agreement, or perhaps you have no idea what either of those things mean. Luckily for you, our accountants know everything there is to know about business structuring.

We can advise on whether this is a good move for you

Companies and trusts can be great vehicles for your business, but they come with a certain degree of cost and complexity, and are not suitable for everybody.

Our accountants can explain whether or not these structures are right for your circumstances and handle the entire set-up process for you.

We also handle wind-downs

Our expert accountants are also well-versed at winding down companies and trusts when required. We can also advise you whether this is the best move for you.

Get expert advice about structuring for creative businesses.

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