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Producer Offset services and QAPE opinions

Expert Producer Offset & QAPE advice

If your film or TV series is eligible for the Screen Australia Producer Offset, our specialist accountants can provide third-party Qualifying Australian Production Expenditure (QAPE) opinions to keep your budget and application process moving forward.

The Producer Offset is a refundable tax offset (rebate) for producers of eligible Australian feature films, television series’ and other projects. Because it’s underpinned by income tax legislation, it represents a very useful source of funds for producers of eligible Australian projects.

What the Producer Offset is worth

  • 40% of the QAPE incurred by the applicant company in the making of a feature film;
  • 20% of the QAPE incurred by the applicant company in the making of TV and other eligible projects.

Why accounting assistance is required

Because the offset is valuable and can help in the overall financing of a project, many outside investors will want to see that a particular project is eligible for it.

A Provisional Certificate can be applied for which provides some guidance from Screen Australia to the investors that provided the film is made in accordance with the detail contained in the application, the receipt of the offset should follow through the Final Certificate process when the film is actually completed.

Part of this process requires the producers to seek an independent third-party opinion of how much of the project’s budget is likely to be eligible as QAPE. We understand the guidelines and can assist producers in this area to keep their application process rolling.

Discuss your Producer Offset application and QAPE with the production accounting experts.

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