Review and adjustments to accounting package software

Maximise the value of your accounting package software

Accounting package software can be a blessing for creative businesses who want to automate invoicing and accounts. Don’t let the clever marketing hype fool you though – this is not a no-brainer solution where you can install the software and know what to do straightaway. Yes, these packages are easy to use, but they’re not that easy to use. Most non-accountants can benefit from a little training to get the most out of their package.

Like any other piece of labour-saving software, it’s a case of garbage in = garbage out with these programs. One misplaced decimal point can render your file inaccurate. We always recommend hiring a qualified bookkeeper to assist you with the set-up process, but even they can make mistakes.

Get expert eyes on your creative figures

Our specialist accountants are your ultimate extra pair of eyes. We are preferred partners of both MYOB and Xero, and can advise you of tweaks you need to make and when your file is out. More importantly, we can fix it for you so you can carry on accurately.

Get expert assistance with MYOB, Xero or Reckon so you can take it from there.

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