Preparation of financial statements

We can take financial statements off your plate

Are you operating a creative business through an entity such as a Partnership, Company or Trust? You’ll want to keep tabs on how it’s performing. Financial statements are at the core of business accounting. They tell the story of your business through numbers and statistics, giving you a clear picture of where you currently stand. The information in your business’s financial statements can also help you make sound decisions for the future.

Financial statements are not only a personal FYI for you and your stakeholders; banks need them to verify you can pay your bills or sign off on a loan. Potential investors will want to see them should you ever require an injection of outside capital. Regulatory authorities may also request financial statements if your business goes public.

How we assist our creative clients

Our specialist accountants can prepare your financial statements, taking into account the creative variables of your business. These statements include:

  • Income Statement (otherwise known as the Profit & Loss Statement, or P&L);
  • Balance Sheet;
  • Notes to the Financial Statements;
  • Directors’ Declaration (if relevant);
  • Depreciation Schedules (if relevant);
  • Compilation Report.

No matter how big or small your business, we can prepare your financial statements and explain them to you.

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