Capital gains tax

Keep on top of capital gains tax

If you have certain assets you intend to hold onto for the foreseeable future, it’s wise to think strategically about minimising your capital gains tax (CGT) exposure.

What many people don’t realise is that these assets are exposed to the CGT laws throughout their entire lifetime – planning for the tax is not just about dealing with it at sale time.

Relevant assets (in your name) include:

  • Property
  • Shares
  • Managed funds
  • Artworks and collectables
  • Contractual rights
  • Options
  • Foreign currency
  • Goodwill

A Creative Cruncher can minimise your CGT exposure

There are reams and reams of legislation relating to CGT, and the calculations can be hard to get your head around.

Our specialist CGT tax accountants maintain accurate and complete capital gains tax registers, which stay on your permanent files for review and maintenance each year. Then when it does come time to liquidate, you can rest assured that your CGT exposure will be minimised.

Get in touch with one of our CGT experts if you have assets and need advice.

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