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Capital gains tax

Why Capital Gains Tax has implications for SMSF's

Because SMSF’s can encompass a range of investment assets such as shares, managed funds, property, artworks and collectibles, they should be viewed through the lens of capital gains tax planning.

Given that SMSF’s are retirement vehicles, these assets will most likely be held for long periods of time. The CGT rules are extensive and apply to these assets over their entire lifetime.

We’re onto it

There are reams and reams of legislation relating to CGT, and the calculations can be hard to get your head around.

Our accountants maintain accurate and complete capital gains tax registers, which stay on your permanent files for review and maintenance each year.

With your specialist CGT accountant keeping an eye on things, you can rest assured that your Fund’s CGT exposure will be minimised.

Get in touch with one of our CGT experts if you are considering dealing with some of your Fund’s assets.

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